Amazon Prime Video Scores Exclusive NFL Playoff Game for Upcoming Season!

By Jreasn on Feb 09, 2024 in General Sports News - Comments Off on Amazon Prime Video Scores Exclusive NFL Playoff Game for Upcoming Season!

In a groundbreaking move, Amazon Prime Video is set to elevate the NFL postseason experience by exclusively streaming a pivotal playoff game next season, as reported by various sources. This marks the second consecutive year that a significant NFL matchup will be presented solely on a digital platform. The previous AFC wild-card clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins was successfully streamed on Peacock, securing its place as a trailblazer in this evolving sports broadcasting landscape.

Reports suggest that NBCUniversal secured the rights to the Jan. 13 game, making a hefty $110 million investment. Industry insiders anticipate that Amazon will surpass this figure, underlining the increasing value placed on digital streaming rights for premier sporting events.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to break the news regarding Amazon’s acquisition of a playoff game for the upcoming season, signaling a paradigm shift in how fans consume postseason football.

According to the current NFL contract, each of the league’s four broadcast partners—NBC, CBS, Fox, and ESPN/ABC—is entitled to broadcast at least one wild-card game. The distribution of the remaining two games follows a rotational pattern among NBC, CBS, and Fox, while the other is subject to a competitive bidding process.

Prime Video’s success in the 2023 season, with an average of 11.86 million viewers for the 16-game package, demonstrated a remarkable 24% increase compared to the inaugural 2022 season. Notably, 12 games surpassed the 10 million viewership mark, triggering performance clauses that paved the way for Prime Video to secure the rights to broadcast a playoff game.

Despite initial skepticism among fans, the AFC wild-card game on Peacock emerged as the most-watched event on a streaming service. The Chiefs’ triumphant 26-7 victory garnered an average of 23 million viewers on Peacock, NFL+, and NBC affiliates in Kansas City and Miami. The overall reach extended to an impressive 27.6 million, as reported by Nielsen.

Comparatively, the late Saturday game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars on Jan. 14, 2023, garnered an average of 20.61 million viewers. These statistics underscore the growing influence of streaming platforms in capturing and retaining viewer attention during crucial sporting events.

As of the end of last year, Comcast reported that Peacock had amassed 31 million subscribers, showcasing a significant user base. The wild-card game weekend alone witnessed a surge of 2.8 million new subscribers to the streaming service, as reported by subscription analytics firm Antenna. This influx highlights the captivating appeal and expanding reach of streaming platforms, making them formidable contenders in the future landscape of sports broadcasting.