UConn’s Unstoppable Run: Huskies Gain Their No. 1 Spot in the AP Top 25 Poll

By Jreasn on Feb 20, 2024 in College Sports News - Comments Off on UConn’s Unstoppable Run: Huskies Gain Their No. 1 Spot in the AP Top 25 Poll

Hey basketball buddies! Big news in the college basketball scene – UConn just snagged the top spot in the AP Top 25 poll, and they’re not sharing it with anyone! Plus, we’ve got some underdogs making a comeback, and a whole bunch of teams shuffling around. Let’s dive in.

UConn, led by Coach Dan Hurley, is on fire, staying at No. 1 for the sixth week straight. They blew out DePaul and schooled then-No. 4 Marquette 81-53 over the weekend. And get this – they grabbed all 62 first-place votes! That’s some serious love from the media folks.

The Huskies are riding a 14-game winning streak, the longest in men’s Division I basketball right now. Coach Hurley is keeping it cool, talking about a “championship approach” for the next game. And guess what? UConn’s aiming for back-to-back national championships. Talk about setting the bar high!

Houston’s cruising into the second spot after an easy win against Texas, and Purdue’s dropping to third after a tough one against Ohio State. Arizona, Tennessee, and Iowa State are making moves too – it’s a real hoops party!

But hold up – Washington State is back in the game after a 302-week hiatus from the rankings. That’s like a lifetime in basketball terms! They’re sitting pretty at No. 21, and their first challenge is a face-off with No. 4 Arizona. Talk about diving back into the deep end!

And check out the rollercoaster ride for South Carolina – they jumped into the Top 25, then dropped nine spots after a couple of losses. It’s a reminder that in college hoops, anything can happen.

The rankings shuffle continues, with newcomers like Colorado State, Texas Tech, and Florida making their presence felt. Meanwhile, some old-timers like Virginia and Wisconsin are taking a breather outside the Top 25.

Keep an eye on the SEC and the Big 12 – they’re tied for the most teams in the poll. College hoops is keeping us on our toes, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Until next time, happy hoops watching! 🏀🎉